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Blue Sky International

“I would whole-heartedly recommend Sage CRM. It has fundamentally changed Blue Sky’s internal business processes, it has increased our efficiency but also meant that all departments are fully integrated.”

Ralph Coleman, Sales Director, Blue Sky International

Soaring to new heights

Blue Sky International are an aerial survey company specializing in survey capture and remote sensing. Supported by seamless integration with Sage, Blue Sky continues to grow the business having increased its workforce by 20% and doubled its turnover in the last couple of years.


A growing business brings many challenges
Ralph Coleman, Sales Director of this growing company, was struggling to keep track of his sales team “As a growing sales team, keeping track of my sales people is a real challenge. I think previously we didn’t do that very well. Now with Sage, I am able to keep track of all our activities, I know where they are I can even look at what emails they are sending and get very quickly, the information I need about customer engagement.

Sunday evenings for Ralph were spent creating reports to present at the Monday morning meeting and was always concerned that he was reporting on inaccurate data. “As a Sales Director, I have lots of reporting to do – Sage has allowed me to do this reporting far more quickly. I mean in the past I was taking potentially half a day to put together reports for board meetings for example. Now I can do that with a touch of a button.”

Integrate to accumulate
One of the most influential factors for selecting Sage was certainly integration. Historically, integration was poor and there had been lots of duplication of effort. He knew that the team were working off dated and disparate packages before they implemented Sage “We had disparate packages, we had a CRM package that didn’t talk to our accounts package” explains Ralph. For Blue Sky it was important that these two packages integrated fully in order to extract valuable data and use it across the whole business. The flexibility of the product meant that Blue Sky were able to adapt both packages to suit their requirements. Speaking about the integration process, Ralph says “We work very hard at making sure they talk to each other well.

A favourite feature of Ralph’s, like many other Sales Directors, is the pipeline “It gives me a real quick heads-up display of how all my sales team are performing, it lets me know what’s in the pipeline, what opportunities are there, what sales are likely to come in at any given time and gives me a really great overview on a monthly basis” explains Ralph.

Customer service levels have greatly improved thanks to the cases module in Sage. Blue Sky are using the case modules to log complaints across all departments. The benefit of this being full visibility across the business “production get to know what’s going wrong, sales can implement change and we can make sure that the customer is looked after properly. "As we enter into different markets and expand our product portfolio but also intensify our sales effort, Sage CRM will be at the heart of everything Blue Sky do."

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