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Source Technologies

“Sage CRM has fulfilled our initial needs for the centralized creation of an all inclusive customer database, and continues to meet our requirements by providing our entire enterprise access to the data needed to close sales, satisfy customers, and build long-lasting relationships”

Tim Baker, Director of Information Systems, Source Technologies

New business opportunity booms with integrated Sage

Source Technologies is a leading US provider of magnetic ink character recognition solutions that was able to expand its business by launching new software products, using advanced sales and customer service strategies supported by Sage CRM, integrated with Sage 300.

Integration benefits made Sage CRM the obvious choice
When Source Technologies added software to its product offerings, it knew it needed to increase the efficiency of sales and customer service. A centralized, up to date and scalable CRM and accounting solution was identified as the way forward, integrated systems that could handle detailed project accounting and complex sales orders along with sales data tracking and management. The solution choice was made easy because the firm was already running Sage 300, which offered out-of-the-box integration with Sage CRM. “With no integration expense, this solution actually paid for itself as soon as we opened the box,” said Tim Baker, Director of Information Systems.

Improvements in sales and customer service
Sage CRM provides sales and customer service representatives with easy web-based access to comprehensive data about prospects, customers, and products. As the firm started selling complex software solutions to multiple customers, the ability to share data from a central repository became essential.Through Sage CRM and Sage 300, everyone in the company has access to a consolidated customer record that contains up-to-date information about any given customer and all their interactions with sales, customer service and accounts.  They also have access to a shared database containing customer contact information and employee calendars.

Centralization delivers multiple benefits

Integrating its Sage CRM and Sage 300 solutions provided Source Technologies with the capability to provide swift and comprehensive responses to virtually any customer inquiry – from order status and progress reports to accounts receivable data. The combined power of the two applications also facilitated greater forecasting accuracy and better inventory control for the business. The cumulative benefits have ensured an even faster return on the Sage CRM investment.

Tim Baker summed up the overall impact of Sage CRM: “We knew that if we could centralize all of this information, we would be able to increase service levels, optimize sales force efficiency, improve forecasting accuracy and inventory control, and streamline just about every other business process.”

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