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Dominica Electricity Services Limited

“The beauty of the CRM is I can say ‘I need this workflow’ or ‘I need a new report’ and I can adapt it quickly to suit the environment of business.”

Jerimie Lavinier, System Analyst, DOMLEC

Sparking success in the Caribbean

Dominica Electricity Services Limited (DOMLEC) has been providing electricity to the Commonwealth of Dominica since 1949. The company has since grown to over 200 employees, servicing the 75,000 inhabitants of the third largest English speaking island in the Caribbean.

Uncovering & rising to the challenges
As it grew, the company needed to address a number of challenges that were becoming apparent including:

  • Multiple technology platforms giving a confused view of the customer
  • Excessive time spent capturing, sharing & reporting information 
  • Productivity levels & customer cases hampered by inefficiencies
Jerimie Lavinier, System Analyst, stepped up to deal with the challenge, studying dependencies between departments and working on optimization programs. He also knew that a common technology platform was also required and that a common CRM platform had to be the answer. As an advocate of Sage products, he sought the help of their business partner, BAASS and worked with them to implement Sage CRM.

Managing Better Outcomes 
With access to all their key information from one platform, combined with improved processes to deal with hefty caseloads, the complete customer view is now the norm for DOMLEC’s customers. 
All cases are handled in one place & the entire organization turns to CRM for customer matters, regardless of the department handling the case. “Anything I want to know, I just check CRM”, a supervisor commented, who added “This is the best thing that has happened in DOMLEC. Everything is so easy to see - who did what, when and at what stage it is.”
For Jerimie and his team, the adaptability of the Sage CRM solution is key.  “The beauty of Sage CRM is I can say ‘I need this workflow’ or ‘I need a new report’ and I can adapt it quickly to suit the environment of the business.” Jerimie describes CRM “like the arterial system of a body, the body of the business.”

Delivering true value for DOMLEC’s Customers
“We are now able to see what is going on”, says Jerimie. “From the General Manager down, we have full visibility on the company’s handling of its customer cases and our accountability in the process. The improvements came into sharp focus following Tropical Storm Erika severely damaging the country’s electricity infrastructure. Sage CRM played a significant role in the capture of cases and dispatching of technicians to restore power. Customers praised the company for its speed in returning power to their homes, “earlier than expected”, despite the extent of the damage.

What’s next
The team are now working a number of projects including: A Customer Portal, allowing “self-service” for customers to manage their own information; a new roll-out for the Power Generation & Human Resources departments, enabling “first line” reporting of faults.  All of which helps Jerimie & the DOMLEC team to provide access to the right information, at the right time, from one platform and keep improving those customer satisfaction levels.

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