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Sirromet Wines

“Automation of sale processes will save Sirromet considerably over the next five years in time alone. And not surprisingly the reduction in paperwork has been very well received by the team”

Ian Parker, IT Manager, Sirromet Wines

One-stop Sage solution sets course for future growth

Integrating Sage CRM with Sage 300 gave the Australian winery a one-stop solution that drives efficiency across sales, marketing and distribution. The joined-up systems facilitate seamless sales-to-order processing, faster response times to customer demands and provides a platform for future growth. 

Held back by information silos
The company had needed to move from an environment where on-the-road sales reps had become virtual silos of customer information. This made it difficult for the business to gauge market trends and analyse customer response to marketing campaigns, hampering strategic planning. “As the company grew, we knew we needed to capture important sales information that was in the salespeople’s heads, that could otherwise be lost if a salesperson left or changed territory,” said Ian Parker, IT Manager. “That valuable customer information needed to be secured and centralized.”

Speeding up sales with automated processes 
By creating a secure and centralized repository of all customer information in Sage CRM and Sage 300, Sirromet was able to automate time-consuming processes. With the old ways of working, it was not uncommon for sales staff to be on hold for twenty minutes, waiting for head office to complete manual paperwork around an order. 

Now, with information already recorded in the system and sales people accessing all they need from an up-to-date central repository, orders can be processed and turned around much more quickly. “The best of it is that it doesn’t require any additional work,” said Parker. “The information is already there, recorded as part of what the sales staff do. It is almost an invisible process.” As well as providing a more efficient sales process, faster ordering also drives better customer service, encouraging customer loyalty and long-term relationships. 

Strategic benefits from better reporting 
Easy customization of Sage software has given the business access to powerful data that delivers daily marketing intelligence directly from the customers. Sales staff, for example, conduct continuous surveys of the individual retail outlets they visit, noting the number of products and stock movement. This data is fed back into Sage and greatly assists the business in monitoring industry trends and measuring the return on its marketing investment. It also allows encourages direct lines of communication between sales and marketing, which is always good for a business. 

The next phase will be to use data to drive more sales. “We have plans for building historical tracking for sales forecasting in the future,” said Gary Anderson, Marketing Manager. “We will be able to check that we are being as efficient as possible in our sales efforts.”  Automated tasting reports from wine tasting events are also in the pipeline, adding to an armory of marketing information that was simply unavailable to the business before Sage was introduced.

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