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American Pool Enterprises

“You realize how powerful it [Sage CRM] is when an executive comes and asks you to track something within the business and you can turn it around for them in thirty seconds, and the system is user-friendly enough for them to run their own queries. They can get their hands on information much quicker than before”

Karen Snyder, Chief Information Officer, American Pool Enterprises

Driving growth while saving time and money

A leader in pool construction and maintenance as well as life-guarding and facility management, American Pool Enterprises used Sage CRM integrated with Sage 300 to drive further growth and dramatically reduce the time and money spent on administrative tasks. 

Challenges for a fast-growing company 

As well as managing compliance in a highly regulated sector, American Pool Enterprises has the annual pressure of supplementing the workforce of 250 employees with 5,000 seasonal hires. Growth through acquisition had compounded the challenges, spreading the business across 21 sites with silos of disconnected information. To eliminate manual data entry and automate processes, the decision was taken to integrate Sage CRM with Sage 300, the company’s financial management system. Sage CRM provided a centralized source of accurate and up-to-date information, helping streamline processes and increase efficiency while giving executives better visibility of a complex business.

Karen Snyder, Chief Information Officer, also went with Sage CRM because it had an easy-to-use interface and could run on-site – the firm didn’t want the loss of control of a cloud service; it wanted an on-premise solution that it could quickly access if there were any issues in the busiest times of the year.

Better sales and more satisfied customers
Sage CRM quickly became a central hub for diverse and complex processes and procedures that had previously been difficult to track. Consolidating all the information from different sites has dramatically reduced the time and money spent on administrative tasks and contributed to ongoing growth. Sage CRM replaced spreadsheets that the sales team had been using to independently manage the sales pipeline and existing customer relationships. At the same time, customer service has improved with issues resolved more quickly, leading to a steady rise in satisfaction ratings. 

Increasing efficiency across the business
Sage CRM has made American Pool Enterprises more efficient. Not just in sales and customer service but also in the maintenance side of the business, which now has accessible and up-to-date records that ensure pool inspections have been carried out. Finance also uses the system to see bids that are pending and money that is owed. “Man hours are where the savings are coming from. We have been able to streamline so many processes that used to take people hours,” said Snyder. “I used to spend half my days gathering and presenting data. Now I can use that time more productively to help the business grow.”

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