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Thermo-Twin Industries

“Sage gives us a real quick overview of where we’re at and where we’re going. It’s absolutely excellent software”

Dennis LeVan, IT Manager, Thermo-Twin Industries

Benefiting from better visibility with Sage

“Sage gives us a real quick overview of where we’re at and where we’re going. It’s absolutely excellent software”

Dennis LeVan, IT Manager, Thermo-Twin Industries

The Pennsylvanian manufacturer of high-quality custom windows, doors, sun-rooms and sidings replaced disparate databases and systems with Sage to simplify and optimize its business. 

Getting lost in the systems 
The company felt it was under-performing in sales because of disjointed systems and multiple databases. Staying on top of relationships with 300 active customers and nearly 1,500 prospects was becoming increasingly hard. 

There was a lot of double entry of data, and it was difficult to retrieve accurate and up to date information. Manual reporting from multiple databases made it difficult to measure the effectiveness of sales and marketing strategies or plan for the future. 

“Tracking of customers was archaic and very time consuming. We had standalone programs on different computers, and databases that wouldn’t talk to each other,” recalled Dennis LeVan, IT Manager.

Consolidating to a single source 
When a supplier successfully transitioned to Sage, Thermo-Twin Industries was impressed at what it saw and found the solution to its own challenges. Multiple systems and databases were consolidated into Sage, which now provides one source of accurate and up to date information. 

Sage has become a central repository for every piece of information around each job. Paperwork for everything from lead testing to building permits is scanned in and stored against customer files in Sage. Post-sale services are also tracked within the system. 

With every part of the business accessing the same information, the business became much more efficient. “We have integrated our whole way of doing business into Sage. It’s business critical software for us and the main hub of what we do,” said Dennis LeVan.

Better pipelines and insights
Thermo-Twin Industries saw a 25% growth in sales with Sage. Dennis LeVan puts it down to a significant improvement in the sales pipeline and better visibility of the business through much improved reporting.

Sales have improved partly because of the greater mobility that Sage gives field sales representatives. They can access Sage from anywhere, through a web browser and over the internet, which makes them much more productive. In the evening they use the system to pick up leads to plan the next day’s appointments. 

Having better visibility, not just of sales but where the leads are coming from, has helped Thermo-Twin rethink its strategies. When the company saw that telesales wasn’t generating the leads it thought it was, for example, it scaled back the department and spent the money elsewhere to get a better return.

“At one end, tracking sales has been phenomenal. At the other, we’re getting a much better handle of how we spend our dollars and a better feel for what’s coming down the pipeline,” said Dennis LeVan.

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