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Nexus Solutions

“All communications between prospects and clients are recorded in Sage 300 ERP and Sage CRM and the results started to surface soon after implementation; the loss of customers reduced greatly and our marketing efforts achieved a much higher response”

Astley Yip, Sales Manager, Nexus Solutions

Building a Far East footprint with integrated Sage solutions

One of Honk Kong's leading network solutions providers, Nexus Solutions chose Sage CRM and Sage 300 to support rapid growth across the Far East, informing marketing strategies and boosting sales. 

Centralizing data to support a complex supply chain
Providing integrated network communications, infrastructure and internet security technologies to customers in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other Asian countries, Nexus Solutions wanted to centralize data across disparate departments to give management more transparency across a complex supply chain. There was a lack of understanding of customer information and little co-ordination between departments. The upshot was marketing campaigns that conveyed mixed messages to customers and partners.

Astley Yip, Sales Manager at Nexus Solutions, identified CRM as a way for a customer-centric company to better understand customer needs and improve the transparency of the sales cycle. The firm evaluated various systems and opted for Sage CRM which could integrate seamlessly with its financial management system, Sage 300. 

Standardised processes improve productivity
Integrating Sage CRM with Sage 300 enabled Nexus Solutions to better organize its data, providing a platform for rapid customer acquisition. Prior to Sage CRM, customer data was disorganized with sales people handling leads in different ways, making it hard to monitor and measure performance.

Disparate spreadsheets were replaced with standardized lead processing in a central repository. Supervisors can now track outstanding leads, accelerating efficiency and preventing loss of business. Productivity was further enhanced because the sales team can access Sage CRM through a browser remotely without having to install any additional applications. 

Better customer service and marketing 
The business benefits are clear. With a centralized bank of customer and partner information in the combined Sage 300 and Sage CRM database, customer service is able to respond more efficiently to customer queries. Customer retention has also significantly improved. Better co-ordination between sales and marketing has helped align marketing strategies and led to better customer targeting and more sales. User-friendly reporting tools painlessly extract information for analysis and business forecasting.

Customers have also noticed the difference, according to Philip Leung, a Network Consultant at Nexus Solutions. “Since its implementation, I got several comments from our clients that seem to be better satisfied with our support service as we answer their needs quicker and in a more efficient manner. In the end, our success comes from the satisfaction of our customers,” he said.

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