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“What an amazing difference and lean way to operate our business, in the past, we used to maintain manual files for all our customers and our properties.”

Philip Meyer, CEO of Capsol

Capsol delivers superior customer service with Sage

Capsol, a luxury holiday villa and rental company in Camps Bay, South Africa chooses Sage to realise its potential and offer superior customer service to its unique client base.

The business challenge
This family-run business pioneered the luxury villa and rental industry in Cape Town and is still a leader in its industry today. To support their significant growth in the market, Capsol realized they needed a better way to manage their customers but also link their accounts department with their sales and marketing department. An integrated CRM and accounting solution seemed like the obvious choice. “Our clientele base had grown significantly, which necessitated the need for more sales staff. Our operational structures and systems were simply not sufficient to handle the rapid expansion. We needed a CRM and accounting system that would suit our needs,” explains Philip Meyer, CEO of Capsol. 

Match made in heaven
Like many other businesses, Capsol did their research and shopped around before deciding on a solution. A thorough study of around 35 CRM and accounting solutions was completed before Capsol decided on Sage. Philip describes some of the key factors influencing their decision to go with Sage “Sage’s ease of use, proven track-record and ease of customization were key factors in our decision.’’ Due to the nature of the industry, remote locations and a sales team always on the move, another key factor in this decision was anytime, anywhere access. Sage provides Capsol access to key customer information from anywhere, keeping them mobile and informed at all times.

Confidence is restored
With the help of Sage, Philip can now make informed decisions confidently knowing he has the correct information to back them up. Detailed reporting and a view of the Pipeline are used as the basis to predictably manage cash flow. “Increased conversion from sales leads into revenue is key to our success, as is detailed reporting and analysis that can aid us in making informed decisions. Sage provides all of this for us at an affordable price tag, with the functionality further lowering our operational costs and increasing productivity of our staff” explains Meyer. All this and more has made a significant difference to the way Philip operates the business “What an amazing difference and lean way to operate our business, in the past, we used to maintain manual files for all our customers and our properties.” says Meyer. On top of all this, staff productivity has greatly increased while operational costs have decreased. 

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