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“There is no doubt that we are able to offer our customers a higher level of service thanks to Sage. The whole company is able to work together as a team to give our customers an exceptional experience. We are able to offer higher service levels to more customers with fewer people.”

Christopher Krumm, VP of Finance, Gressco

Sage provides Gressco with the tools they need to grow

From colourful, imaginative children’s furniture, to the functionality of a classic library display, Gressco provides the specialized products that make learning and play spaces fun, interactive, and long lasting. Gressco’s customers have come to rely on then not only for unique and durable products, but also for exceptionally high levels of service. Sage is working behind the scenes to furnish Gressco’s sales, marketing, and service teams with the tools they need to continue to grow the business and exceed those levels of service.

A solution for every challenge
Gressco’s dated systems for handling marketing communications and customer support were no longer suitable as the company grew. They needed to link up back and front office processes and knew an integrated CRM solution was the answer. “We had recently implemented Sage 300, and so naturally we looked closely at Sage CRM which integrates seamlessly with it,” explains Christopher Krumm, Gressco’s VP of Finance. Gressco’s top priority was finding a CRM solution that could streamline and improve all aspects of its marketing, sales, and support activities. Sage was selected for its broad functionality and flexibility to address marketing, sales, and support challenges and for its integration with the company’s accounting solution. “We ultimately selected Sage CRM, but its integration with Sage 300 was just one of the many reasons for our choice” Krumm explains.

Targeted marketing gets results
Thanks to the marketing features in Sage, Gressco is able to tailor its campaigns to a specific audience, saving time, money and improving overall campaign results. “Sage is an ideal tool to help us accomplish this type of highly targeted marketing communication,” says Krumm. “We have nearly 100,000 prospects and contacts, and with Sage we are able send a specific catalogue to all paediatric coordinators in hospitals in the Midwest, for example.” Printed catalogues are costly to produce and mail, so sending the right communication to the right audience saves the company a significant amount of money and results in a much better return on its marketing investment. Like every marketers dream “We can give them more of what they want, and less of what they don’t want” says Krumm.

Commitment to service
Customer service levels and response time have also improved. Seamless integration with Sage 300 eliminates duplication and provides sales and marketing teams with a complete picture of the customer relationship. All support calls received are tracked right through to resolution so “at any time we all know what cases are open, what the issue is, and what activity is taking place.” All the t's are crossed and i's are dotted “It’s a closed loop with no more room for oversight,” says Krumm.

Tight integration with Sage 300 has proven to be extremely beneficial to the company. “Before we had to give our sales and marketing personnel access to the accounting system so they could gather a complete picture of our customers,” says Krumm. This joined up view of the business means that “customer data is synchronized between the two applications, and our sales and marketing teams can operate entirely in Sage while still being able to view open orders, invoices, and other critical customer information coming from accounting.”

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