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Horizon Spa & Pool Parts

“Sage is a critical part of our company. If we didn’t have it, we’d be dead meat and couldn’t even do $1 million a year, rather than the $7 million we do today”

Becky Moore, Controller, Horizon Spa & Pool Parts

End-to-end supply chain covered by Sage

A spa and pool parts wholesaler and service company, Horizon averages 15% annual growth. Crucial to its success is Sage which is used to automate order processing, merchandise returns and customer reminders.  

Looking to simplify and automate 
The company wanted to create a seamless workflow, from sales to warehouse to customer, that would automate as many processes a possible, reducing the need to hire more staff as the company grew. Horizon was already using Sage 300 to manage its financials and supply chain, so when it looked to simplify the processing of 500 orders a day, including order entry, customer reminders and managing returns, it made sense to go with Sage CRM. 

Improving warehouse workflow
Sage has facilitated a much smoother supply chain with its order entry module interfacing directly with Sage 300. Six people enter upwards of 500 orders a day into Sage which then provides pick tickets, sorted by the most efficient method for retrieval. Warehouse workers use a scanner to pull four or five orders at a time, and deliver them to a check station for sorting by individual customer order. 

The software ensures that orders are accurate, then drops inventory from the warehouse system and delivers it to shipping, complete with a ship ticket and label. “This creates a steady flow of work, rather than slamming the warehouse with hundreds of orders at the end of the day,” said Becky Moore, Controller. “The software is saving us from hiring three additional people in the warehouse alone.”

Indispensable to a complex business
Sage CRM and Sage 300 provide a real-time inventory of the company's 17,000 line items. The integrated software has brought unprecedented efficiency to the business. Without it, Horizon estimates that it would have to had hire two people in shipping, three in the warehouse, and could only do a seventh of its current business volume.

Other efficiencies come from the part it pays in automated credit card processing and a time-card package interface that seamlessly connects with Sage to eliminate paperwork around payroll processing. Sage is also used for reminders, contacting customers who haven’t ordered in a long time, and simplifying merchandise returns.

Overall, it has become indispensable to the business. “Sage lets us incorporate checks and balances, such as special filters to hold orders for customers with payment issues. Horizon’s success is due in large part to Sage,” said Moore.  

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