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Mgwezi Signs

“The entire sales force can now be mobile, access the system and work with it no matter where they are through an internet connection. This mobility has been a huge bonus for the company”

Leon Nel, IT Project Manager, Mgwezi Signs

Integrated Sage drives sales and productivity

Mgwezi Signs, one of South Africa’s fastest-growing signage design and manufacturing companies, integrated Sage CRM with Sage 300 to increase sales, improve communications and drive productivity. 

Meeting the needs of complex customer requirements 
A large customer base of private and public organizations has very different signage requirements. With a vast inventory of components, including different types of aluminum, steel and fasteners, Mgwezi has to customize products to customer requirements. 
To keep on top of complex customer relationships and drive further growth, the firm needed a CRM solution, one that would integrate seamlessly with Sage. Sage CRM was the obvious choice. Sage 300 provided a ready-made database that populates Sage CRM. In-house training courses soon had employees up to speed and reaping the benefits – sales people understood the billing system; finance had a better view of the sales-to-order process. 

Centralized system creates end-to-end process

Sage CRM and Sage 300 provide an end-to-end process from leads and quotes to closing deals and invoicing. It has eliminated duplication and improved clarity of stock levels. A complex supply chain involves imported products, which Mgwezi is now able to track in the system to ensure stock levels are always at an appropriate level. 

Integrating the two Sage products ensured quick and easy access to centralized customer and prospect information. With a one-stop repository of communication history, Mgwezi Signs is able to nurture new clients more effectively, close sales more quickly, inspire customer loyalty and streamline customer-facing activities.

Faster deals and better intelligence 
Leon Nel, IT Project Manager at Mgwezi Signs, said that mobility is a big bonus. Sales people can access Sage CRM through a web browser from anywhere, which has seen a marked increase in productivity. Customer engagements typically take between six and eighteen months from start to implementation. With Sage CRM and Sage 300, Mgwezi has clear visibility of the entire process. This had made the company a much smarter organization. 

Management can track sales pipelines by the individual sales person, digging down into leads and quotes, analyzing why deals don't always close. The centralized system provides business intelligence that the company never had before, powerful insights that encourage better decision-making and strategic planning.

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